Iglo Light window from Drutex receives the Top Builder 2017 award.


Iglo Light window from  Drutex has received the prestigious Top Builder 2017 award. The jury recognized the product for its innovative solutions that were applied, and for the modern design. The award ceremony took place at the Top Builder 2017 IX final Gala.  

Top Builder award is one of the most valued distinctions in the construction industry. The Top Builder title and statuette are given for top-quality products and construction solutions, and for realizations where cutting-edge solutions were applied in architecture, construction, materials and technology, for IT products that are used in architecture and construction, and for financial services, projects, initiatives, programs and enterprises dedicated to building industry. 

Iglo Light window awarded in the  Top Builder 2017 contest was launched in 2016 by Drutex and it immediately gained recognition from Clients in Poland and abroad.

The original window system, that is the fruit of the work of Drutex own research and development department, stands out for modern design, big glazing surface and great parameters in energy efficiency, water resistance, resistance to wind load and air permeability. Iglo Light elegant design is expressed in slender, narrow lines of Drutex own profile and the aluminum central handle placed on the movable post that is more narrow than the traditional ones. With such a solution it is possible to gain more glazing surface, comparing to standard window systems, which ensures more daylight in the room. It is a perfect solution for trendy window structures in  buildings which are equipped with tall and very narrow windows. The window is available in 33 Renolit foil colors which allows to match the window to each interior and façade style.

 „Iglo Light system is the newest addition to Drutex product range. It gained trust of millions of clients in a short time and today it is one of our flag products. What’s important, the product is our original solution because, just like other products, it was designed by our R&D department. We create windows from scratch. It’s about our ideas, projects and implementation. The award that we received is an expression of recognition for all technologists and engineers in the company who were involved in the creation of this modern window’’ – says Adam Leik, marketing director at Drutex.


The solemn Gala where the Top Builder titles and statuettes were given, took place on 8 December in Warsaw. 

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