Smart woodwork control.

Intelligent system of tilting and closing windows

Window control

The modern DRUTEX solutions allow to install smart systems of window tilt and closing with MACO engine. Obviously, the system may be compatible with control and access control systems, which improves both the home or flat safety and comfort of woodwork usage.

A self-locking door system


As for doors, DRUTEX also offers innovative systems such as fully automatic espagnolette. The magnet, installed on the hook, locks the door by itself after it has been closed. Obviously, they may be integrated with the motor and control system and with access control based on fingerprint, a keyboard etc.

Coupling the system with central heating

Control of radiators operation

Apart from that, our offer also includes electronic system of window closing control that increases safety level and allows to synchronize the system with heating, so that opening the window may simultaneously switch off the heating.

SMART LOCK by Drutex


The smart lock by DRUTEX impresses with its aesthetic qualities and functionality. The lock's well-thought-out design lets you install it in less than 5 minutes. It can be used in new doors and to modernise existing door systems which use cylinder locks.

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